Company Profile

STRYTECH Group Inc is an industrial manufacturers' representative firm whose product lines are in the specialty chemical categories. Through a combination of experience, expertise and strategic partnerships, STRYTECH Group provides solutions for:

  • Industrial adhesive applications.

  • Facility maintenance and repair projects using advanced high performance, VOC-free polymer composites.

  •  Non-Halogen Flame retardants, bio-plasticizers, and bio-solvents for companies or municipalities desiring "green" substainable products.

Our business model delivers value by combining our application experience with those of our partners. STRYTECH's strategic relationships ensure the continued delivery of the best solutions.

The management team at STRYTECH Group Inc brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion with a customer-centric focus to the accounts they serve. Our "Value Proposition" focuses on the linking, quantifying, and communicating the ROI that our product recommendations can bring to an organization. 

STRYTECH is a cohesive team of individuals bringing talents ranging from successful Strategic Account development, recognized expertise in polymer chemistry, expert equipment knowledge, and the ability to communicate in both English and Spanish.