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Case seal and carton seal hot melt change

Posted by Howard Neal on May 26, 2010 11:15:00 AM

Hot Melt 

As STRYTECH begins the re-launch of its website, I am please to include my initial blog which is the introduction of a new hot melt for effective packaging.  In the area of packaging with hot melt, there is a clear industry trend toward hot melts with low odor, reduced maintenance, and effective bonds.   Packaging managers also feel efficiency in use, reduced costs, compliance with FDA regulations for indirect food contact are key needs as they look to improve productivity and gain efficiencies.

Metallocene hot melts have met these needs, especially where odor and charring are problems.  But their cost continues to rise and raw material supplies continue to be strained because of capacity limitations.  STRYTECH can now provide a hot melt based on improved Polyethylene(PE) technology that meets these needs of packaging operations and is cost effective.

This hot melt PE system is ideal for case and carton seal packaging operations where a minimum of 2 seconds open time and 3-4 seconds compression time can be met.  This hot melt is designed to address the needs of packaging operations of all sizes, especially where there is a need to expand in the future.

We have a new customer who has switched from a competitor to us based on a successful test using the PE hot melt. Their comments are as follows:

  • low odor 
  • no evidence of charring for reduced maintenance
  • excellent bonds 
  • excellent for auto-feed systems because of the pellet form
  • reduction in the budgeted hot melt spend of 12% 

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